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Vernon/RTC is a supplier of foodservice and janitorial products located in Commerce, California. The company is the result of a strategic merger between two harmonizing entities.

Written by Ryan Cartner
November 2017

The first half of the Vernon/RTC name refers to the place of its earliest inception: Vernon, California. In 1944, Mike and Al Roberts were operating a small linen supplier and generating some success renting uniforms to local businesses. After some time, the ever-entrepreneurial pair decided to expand their offerings by selling a line of sanitation and janitorial supplies from their delivery trucks. It was then that they unknowingly defined a new trajectory for the company. Eventually, they decided to focus exclusively on this market, and Vernon Sanitary Supply was born.

The remaining part of the name is an acronym that spells out the other half of the company’s origin: Regal Trading Company. Regal, founded in 1972, began as a paper and packaging products supplier to Los Angeles grocery stores, butcher shops, and meat packers. The company was very successful and grew rapidly into a leading supplier of foodservice items, food contact items, and some food items to supermarkets.